Time Capsule

As with the most historic of events, the day of the grand opening (October 2, 1976) has been preserved in a Time Capsule.

Here are the secret contents...

  • A letter from Pierre Trudeau (our Prime Minister from April 20th, 1968 to June 3rd, 1979 and from March 3rd, 1980 to June 30th, 1984), who also officially sealed the capsule.

  • Letters from each of the Provincial Premiers congratulating the Tower.

  • Letters about the Tower from various school children.

  • Copies of the three daily newspapers (Toronto Star, Toronto Sun and the Globe and Mail).

  • Canadian coins and bills of various denominations.

  • "To The Top", the video about the construction of theTower.

  • And don't worry - the Capsule is safely tucked away inside the walls of the Tower on the Look Out level.

The official opening to the time capsule will take place in the year 2076!