Venue Policies

Things to Know Before You Go

• Ticket purchases

Do not buy from any source other than CN Tower, otherwise you will not be able to verify that this is an original valid ticket. The CN Tower is not responsible for any inconvenience due to unauthorized duplication, and reserves the right to deny admission.


Guests are welcome to bring their bags inside CN Tower; please note that all bags, including purses and knapsacks, are subject to inspection.  Bags larger than 21” long x 9” wide x 15” high  (53 x 23 x 38 cm) are not permitted.  Please note that there are no storage locker facilities at CN Tower. In order to expedite entry, please consider travelling light and avoid bringing any unnecessary items or bags.


CN Tower welcomes the use of personal still or video cameras provided their use does not interfere with the enjoyment of other guests. Photographs or video tape taken of, on or in the CN Tower may not be used for any commercial purpose, without the express permission of the CN Tower and a signed Use of Images Agreement. For further information,

Code of Conduct

CN Tower management reserves the right to remove from the premises those visitors breaking any law, regulation or CN Tower venue policy, without compensation.  Ticket holders may be removed at any time by refund of the purchase price.

Emergency Procedures

All CN Tower staff are trained in health and life safety, including evacuation procedures.  In the event of an emergency, please follow instructions received over the public address system, from uniformed staff and security personnel.

Pets and Service  Animals

The CN Tower welcomes certified service animals utilized by a guest.  The guest is required to show our security team, appropriate paperwork/certification for the animal at the time of the visit for entry to be authorized. We do not allow guests to bring their pets into the Tower.

Prohibited Items

No weapons of any kind or objects that appear to be a weapon are permitted.

Items that will be confiscated and not be returned include:

- Narcotics  (the exceptions are all prescription narcotics)

- Explosives, fireworks and ammunition

- Firearms

- Knives

- Open alcohol

- Mace or Pepper spray designed for use on humans and Bear Spray

- Batons, Brass knuckles,Nunchaku sticks or throwing stars

Other prohibited items include

- Oversized bags or knapsacks exceeding 25’ x 15”x 20”

- Construction equipment such as tools, ropes (without prior authorization)

- Clothing with offensive language or indecent graphics

- Gang paraphernalia

- Full face masks

- Oversized costumes or mascot apparel (without prior authorization)

- Skateboards, scooters

Security Screening

- Leading edge metal detectors are located at Bremner Blvd before ticketing .  These metal detectors will screen for items no longer permitted such as weapons of any kind or objects that appear to be weapons.

- A random search screening tool is in operation for explosive trace detection

- All bags are subject to inspection.

Smoking Policy

The CN Tower is a smoke-free environment, in compliance with the Province of Ontario’s Smoke-Free Ontario Act. Smoking is not permitted in any area of the building, and not within 9 metres (30 feet) of our entrance or exit.  Guests who choose to smoke outside the CN Tower are asked to take care to extinguish their cigarettes using appropriate receptacles.

Video Surveillance

The CN Tower is under constant video surveillance for your protection.