REGALIA, Native Pride

SAn ode to Aboriginal culture, this exhibit is a chance for a genuine
encounter with the First Nations. It is aimed at moving away from our
perceptions of the powwow tradition to probe contemporary dimensions
of identity.
The photographer Roland Lorente and his partner Aline Saffore traveled about 10 000 km in
Eastern Canada and attended over 20 powwows for around 5 years.
A bountiful harvest! 30 portraits of dancers, 30 powerful encounters with men, women and
children from 14 different First Nations.

Striking imagery at an unforgettable location.
A limited time exhibition hosted on the NEW observation level.

January 21 - March 31, 2019 

Exhibit admission included with any CN Tower observation ticket or when you dine in

360 Restaurant.

In a series of powerful and personal portraits, men, women, and children dressed in stunning and colourful regalia tell their personal stories and share their worldview. This independent photo exhibit, which has been showcased at venues across the country and is now at the CN Tower for a limited time, is the work of Aline Saffore and Roland Lorente, who travelled nearly 10,000 kilometres throughout Eastern Canada and were welcomed by 14 First Nations communities to attend and document over 20 powwows.

In REGALIA, Native Pride, the marriage of images and words creates a space where tradition and modernity, “here” and “elsewhere,” and Self and Other can come together and elicit reflection on that which brings people together rather than separates them. And while it contributes to the impact of each work in the exhibition, the polished aesthetic also acts as a mirror that is extended in respect and deference to Native peoples. It is an homage to the courage and determination of these individuals, a way to highlight the essential character of the cultural and environmental values they defend, and, through their example, a tribute to the pride and resilience of all Indigenous Peoples.

To coincide with this stunning exhibit, we are pleased to offer an Indigenous themed menu crafted by First Nation Chef David Wolfman and 360’s Executive Chef John Morris.  Guests of 360 will have the opportunity to experience REGALIA, Native Pride following their meal.
Book your reservation now as this menu is only available until March 31, 2019.

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