Appetizers (choice of)

Prix fixe: 2 course $75 / 3 course $90


Whipped butter, chive‑infused oil

Heirloom Carrot Salad (V)

Roasted carrots, Good Leaf greens, smoked maple–toasted pumpkin seeds, blueberry vinaigrette

Seafood Chowder

Smoked Fogo Island cod, baby shrimp, poached salmon,
corn fritter, purple potatoes, velouté, uni shoyu

pei musselS

Fumet, saffron, tomato concasse, sourdough

Yuzu Whipped Goat Cheese (VG)

Compressed apple, celery, honey sesame cracker, fresh dill, sorrel

Duck Wings

Ontario honey, black garlic, Glengarry Celtic Blue, scallions


Mains (choice of)

Prix fixe: 2 course $75 / 3 course $90

White Bean and Kale Bauletti (v)

Whipped butternut, chestnut, butternut crisps

Honey‑Rubbed Chicken Supreme (H)

Buttermilk mashed potatoes, wilted kale, assorted mushrooms, tarragon and truffle jus

Prime Rib

Aged 45 days, 10oz-cut. Heirloom finger carrots, bread pudding, tempura onion, jus ($15 supplement)

Cape d’Or Salmon

Parsnip purée, swiss chard, fennel and scallion salad,
orange beurre blanc

Chickpea Frites (v)

Chickpea panisse, eggplant purée, spiced yellow peas,
maple Brussels sprouts, chili beans

Lamb Shank

Brown butter squash, pearl onions, roasted artichoke,
white wine‑poached garlic jus

Desserts (choice of) $15

Prix fixe: 2 course $75 / 3 course $90


Chocolate and Sour Cherry Cake

Blackout cake, cherry jus, whipped crème fraîche, black sesame

Hazelnut and Pear Frangipane (V)

Spiced pumpkin ice cream, apple purée, red wine glaze, pear chip


Sticky Maple Toffee BUNDT

Maple‑spiced pecans, sour cream ice cream

Pistachio and White Chocolate Cheesecake

Matcha, cranberry, graham crumble


(V) Vegan (VG) Vegeterian (H) Halal

360 guests must spend a minimum of $75.00 on food per person (excluding children 12 and under) which includes elevation to the restaurant and access to the CN Tower's Main Observation Level following your meal. 360 guests do not need to purchase a separate admission ticket. Prices do not include taxes or gratuities.