An enduring symbol of innovation, Canada's National Tower connects Canadians. Committed to sustainability, accessibility and inclusivity, the Tower, Canada’s celebration destination, returns value to and forms a lasting legacy for all Canadians. 

Canada Lands is the steward and guardian of this iconic national landmark. We take our responsibility to safeguard the treasured status of the CN Tower seriously. Canada Lands Company Limited is a federal Crown corporation that reports to the Government of Canada. Canada Lands Company Limited owns and operates the CN Tower through its subsidiary Canada Lands Company CLC Limited. Together, these two entities are “Canada Lands.” 

Our mandate includes controlling commercial use of designs of the CN Tower to maintain the integrity of the CN Tower as a symbol of Canadian pride and innovation, and to prevent trading on the goodwill in the iconic imagery of the CN Tower without our permission.   

We do this through our licensing program. Designs of the CN Tower are protected as both official marks and trademarks. While the CN Tower appearing within the Toronto skyline is generally free for use, all other uses of CN Tower designs for commercial purposes (e.g. on merchandise, souvenirs, in advertising or media) require a license. No license is required for private, non-commercial uses.

The CN Tower licensing program gives back to the community. Proceeds from our licensing program are donated to the United Way, in support of its work to build strong, healthy communities from coast to coast.

Apply here for permission to use an image or other design of the CN Tower or read our FAQs and guidelines to learn more about our licensing program.