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As the CN Tower’s owner and manager, Canada Lands Company oversees the attraction’s operations and continually finds ways to innovate the CN Tower’s timeless experience.

Canada Lands is a self-financing federal Crown corporation specializing in attractions management and real estate development. For almost 30 years, Canada Lands has successfully managed and operated some of the world's most iconic and innovative attractions: the CN Tower, the Montréal Science Centre, the Old Port of Montréal, and Downsview Park.

Having earned a reputation as a leading attractions manager, Canada Lands has played a central role in furthering the CN Tower’s position as a cherished national symbol for all Canadians. Between the Tower’s stunning architecture and thrilling EdgeWalk activity, visitors are provided with a lasting impression of Toronto. Efforts continue to be made to provide millions of guests with access to unforgettable experiences including the $21-million investment to modernize and enhance the CN Tower’s Terrace Level to offer a new uninterrupted glass floor for year-round indoor enjoyment.

Canada Lands is committed to investing in its attractions through sustainability measures, programming, and accessibility enhancements to offer guests quintessentially Canadian experiences. The Company’s work is guided by its strategic values: social impact, environmental sustainability, and financial resilience.

Social Impact
Canada Lands prides itself on delivering social impact in Canadian communities – from forging partnerships with Indigenous communities to ensuring accessibility and access to its places and spaces. Canada Lands strives to foster a welcoming, inclusive, and equitable environment that celebrates diversity. As such, the CN Tower proudly received the highest level of Gold Certification from the Rick Hansen Foundation which further speaks to a shared commitment to making its renowned and iconic landmark attraction accessible for everyone to enjoy. In an effort to foster environments that welcome unique and diverse perspectives, Canada Lands is working towards further elevating its standards of accountability to the Canadian public through an Environmental, Social, and Governance Roadmap.

Environmental Sustainability
Canada Lands Company prioritizes environmental sustainability across all phases of its project operations, development planning, and execution. Progress is being made towards achieving net-zero carbon emissions and further reducing our energy and water consumption and meeting new emerging environmental goals. The Company’s sustainability commitments seek to address climate change by promoting greener initiatives and biodiversity. Learn more about some of the leading best practices in sustainability led by the CN Tower, and the Company’s corporate priorities by visiting the Strategic Plan page.

Financial Resilience
As a self-financing federal Crown corporation, Canada Lands is required to operate in a financially self-sustaining manner while receiving no appropriations from the Government of Canada. Canada Lands strategically manages its assets, considers innovative approaches to generate revenue, and operates to maximize financial and non-financial returns to Canadians.

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