Perched 113 storeys above Toronto, Artmosphere is an immersive, interactive art showcase, and the centerpiece of the CN Tower’s Lower Observation Level.

Artmosphere’s expansive, state-of-the-art video walls feature animated visual representations of original works by a collective of Canadian artists, including Indigenous artists from across the country.

The experience is free for CN Tower ticket holders.

Summer Series

Elements of the painting titled Sweet Breeze by Curtia Wright which is displayed on Artmosphere at the CN Tower

“Sweet Breeze” by Curtia Wright
From the artist: This painting aims to capture that moment of joy when an ice cream truck pulls up to a street after a long humid Toronto day.  The cool truck loaded with sugary items, vibrant coloured illustrations and a happy jingle draws humans in and is surrounded by a plethora of vibrant flowers accompanied by honeybees allured by their striking colour and pollen.

Artist Curtia Wright, a young black woman smiling at the camera wearing a black tank top with the trees as a background

About the artist: Curtia Wright is a multi-disciplinary fine artist, mural artist and arts educator based in Toronto, Ontario. Her artwork re-imagines our reality using elements of fantasy and surrealism.



Elements of the painting titled Women Gathering by Morgan Kagesheongai which is displayed on Artmosphere at the CN Tower

“Women Gathering” by Morgan Kagesheongai
From the artist: Watch those women get together. What are they all talking about? You can hear them laughing. They're rustling in the wind, they're whispering about something. Pick them gently. Look at them over there, growing in big bunches all together. You better hurry up and pick those berries, girl.

Artist Morgan Kagesheongai who is an Anishinaabe Ojibwe, holding a colourful fan wearing a red and pink floral shirt with trees in the background

About the artist: Morgan Kagesheongai is an Anishinaabe Ojibwe from Whitefish River First Nation. She often draws from her experience as an Indigenous person in Canada to create art that is reflective of her journey and emblematic of the storytelling and teachings she grew up with.



Elements of the painting titled In Full Bloom by Enna Kim which is displayed on Artmosphere at the CN Tower

“In Full Bloom” by Enna Kim
From the artist: An original artwork inspired by the organic patterns seen in biomimicry – the design of systems that mimic strategies found in nature. Fueled by the vibrant colours in Toronto summers, this immersive psychedelic landscape painting was created where viewers can "smudge" the painting with their body movements.

Artist Enna Kim, who is Korean-Canadian, surrounded by psychedelic colours of orange and purple.

About the artist: Enna Kim is a Toronto based interdisciplinary artist, researcher and storyteller. Enna explores the dimensions between her hyphenated Korean-Canadian identity through animation, world-building, rollerskating, murals and zines.



Alejandro Basulto leading his orchestra during a recording

“Circular Landscapes” composed by Alejandro Basulto
About the work: “Circular Landscapes” is an orchestral suite divided into four movements. The work was composed as a companion for Artmosphere and draws inspiration from the unique visual works, the magnificent CN Tower architecture, and Canada’s iconic seasonal landscapes.

headshot of Alejandro Basulto, a Mexican man, wearing a white shirt smiling at the camera with a dark grey background.

About the artist: Alejandro Basulto is a Mexican award-winning composer and orchestral conductor. His music is characterized by a profound Latin-American identity, a vibrant integration of contemporary popular culture, a continuous exploration of diverse techniques and the use of new narrative approaches.


Curation and Production
Pedro Narváez and Emma López standing side by side with colourful animation playing over their clothes and on the background.

The curators, producers and animators of Artmosphere are Pedro Narváez and Emma López.
Their company, the Toronto-based AVA Animation and Visual Arts Inc., is an animation studio that specializes in projection mapping and creating extraordinary visual experiences with technology, creativity and emotion.

The animated and interactive original artworks currently featured in Artmosphere represent one part of a four-part seasonally themed audio-visual experience conceived and directed by AVA. Since 2010, AVA has specialized in projection mapping techniques achieving several international awards, as well as permanent installations in Mexico and Japan.

Interactivity by WORKSOFAR.