The CN Tower is very proud to be one of the stops on Toronto Downtown West BIA’s ArtWalk 2.0, an innovative project that combines art and technology to create an unparalleled exploration of the area's existing 70+ pieces of outdoor public art. 

As a playful nod to the Tower’s pollinator garden, Jo the ChalkChick decorated the CN Tower’s patio space with interactive, colourful murals featuring species native to Southern Ontario. The painted works include a 3D monarch butterfly on the CN Tower’s patio at the base of the Tower. The mural was then animated by Exar Studios for a full augmented reality experience.

The artwork reflects our commitment to sustainability, drawing attention to the CN Tower’s pollinator garden, where we “grow butterflies.” Sustainability is a key focus of Canada Lands Company and the CN Tower. 

How ArtWalk 2.0 works
To get started, download the Engage Art app on your iPhone or Android smartphone by visiting or the Apple or Google app store. Within the app, choose from six different ArtWalk "outings'', which distills the art pieces into curated journeys. Select the outing, put your earphones in, and start walking. The audio tour not only tells you about the art you'll encounter, but also information about the artists and the historical and cultural context of the work.

About Jo the ChalkChick

jo the chalk chick crouching down next to their 3D butterfly mural

With training in oil painting and tattooing, Jo the ChalkChick studied with Toronto chalk artist Chalkmaster Dave. Jo has since become a feature of Toronto’s street culture, and specializes in chalk and temporary street art. 

Over the past decade, Jo has made it their goal to bring community-driven street art to street corners near you. They have been a feature at Buskerfests and cultural festivals across Canada, including Expo Québec, Toronto Buskerfest, and Vancouver Buskerfest, and also has worked with non-profit groups including Toronto Pig Save and the street charity Dans La Rue (Montreal). Jo has also worked on projects for many clients, including Mastercard with the Toronto Maple Leafs, Corus Entertainment and Nike.