Duck leg confit

This staple of French dining gets a Canadian twist, with a touch of maple that’s sure to get the tongues wagging. Chef John Morris likes to pair this with a Cabernet Merlot—get one with big, bold notes to match the richness of the duck.

30 mins
240 mins
4 servings
Duck Leg Confit

Step 1 
Combine all the ingredients for the curing mix in a large mixing bowl, ensuring a uniform mixture.

Step 2 
Put a layer of curing mix onto the bottom of a storage container large enough to hold the curing mix and the duck legs.

Step 3 
Place the duck legs into remaining curing mix and rub the legs with curing mix. 

Step 4 
Add the legs to the storage container and cover with the excess curing mixture.

Step 5 
Cover the container and refrigerate for 12–24 hours.

Step 6 
Remove the duck legs from the cure. Rinse thoroughly to remove excess salt, and then pat dry.

Step 7 
Add legs and duck fat to the cocotte and cover with the lid.

Step 8 
Place into a 200 F oven and cook until tender, around 4 hours.